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Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B

Zhenya Bardachenko is a Ukrainian singer, as well as a group of the group, which was created in 2005 in the capital of Ukraine. The band members had a very similar opinion regarding life views and opinions about the art of music.

After the project presented its first collection "Tse Nash", the guys were officially recognized as the first Ukrainian performers who present tracks in the style of rnb. Today the musicians can boast of their individual style, they are constantly releasing new club singles. In this connection, the collective is considered the most energetic and positive among all contemporary performers of Ukrainian show business.

The members of the musical group d.lemma were gradually added, and the beginning was laid in 2002, when Vladislav and Yevgeny conducted a break dance training at the House of Children's Art in the Shevchenko district. There they met a charming lady named Maria, who was a vocal teacher and taught classes upstairs. It was the fact that they then met that led to the formation of the D.Lemma project.

The year 2006 was remembered for the collective by the fact that they presented the first musical collection "Tse ours!", Consisting of fifteen compositions. The release of this album was undoubtedly influenced by the sound producer of the project - Viktor Strannik, with whom the group then worked together.

In support of the collection, three videos were filmed for the tracks. In addition to those singles that were in the compilation, the fans of the group also had the opportunity to listen to the track "Lite". The project performed this single together with Oleg Skripka.

By the end of 2007, the musicians again decided to remind themselves of themselves by presenting the next collection. This time it was an album recorded in Russian, dominated by Latin American music and fiery live compositions in the style of Latin American pop rnb.

The musical collection "Segnorita" was recorded with the participation of twelve musicians. The first single of the collection was performed under the direction of producers DJ R1CKONE "BLACK EYED PEAS FAMILY" "Segnorita". All the people who are members of this stellar grouping were busy making their own adjustments.

2008 - the band took the honorable first place at the Hip-Hop Culture Awards when it was nominated for "Best RnB Video". This award has significantly increased the number of fans and admirers of the guys.

In 2009, in the summer, the video of the projects "A Pair of Normal" and "D.Lemma" began to be actively played on the most frequently listened to music television channels in Ukraine. Not surprisingly, this led to the song becoming the most hit according to the contests of all possible hit parades and the opinion of the group's fans. The single "Hey Babe" could be heard in virtually any disco. He made the team even more successful.

In the same year, vocalist Maria Malysh left the group, preferring solo performances. Oleg German approved the new roster, which resulted in a signed long-term contract.

Another hit single was "Smoke", which strengthened the popularity of the project. All the musical compositions of the "dilemma" group whose songs are so fond of the audience, the group performs at their concerts and this is what makes their fans happy.